Company Profile

       CSG  PVTECH CO.,LTD. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CSG CSG, an important part of the green energy industry chain. Founded in February 2006, the factory is located in Dongguan. Registered capital of 516 million, specializing in crystalline silicon solar cells and their components research and development, production and marketing, is Guangdong's earliest access to photovoltaic industry, one of the enterprises. Company's products have passed TUV, CEC, JET, CQC, CGC and a series of international certification, has a highly responsible and skilled R & D team, has a strong R & D strength and hardware foundation. At present, the company has 26 patent certificates, of which 3 are the core invention patent certificate and 23 are utility model certificates.

       The company is one of the CSG solar industry chain of four major projects, has the following advantages:
              1、a favorable position in the vertical chain: there is strong support from its industrial chain in CSG polysilicon materials and solar glass products, with product quality and cost control advantages.

      2 、years of solar glass and semiconductor materials production and R & D experience, to ensure that the company in solar cells and components of R & D, manufacturing technology advantages, such as leading printing, diffusion, sintering process.

       3、with the top international solar energy research institutions (such as the Solar Energy Research Institute of Zhongshan University) long-term technical cooperation, so that the company's technical standards remain at the leading level.

      4、The product uses 5 main grid and two printing technology, the average efficiency of monocrystalline battery is 20.1%, and the average efficiency of polycrystalline silicon battery is 18.6%. The gate line cell has a lower residual stress, reduce the possibility of components appear cracked and hot spots, outdoor use is more resistant to snow or other static load components, weakening the power of lower risk.

       5、detection means: with multifunctional photovoltaic products advanced and perfect testing laboratory, the laboratory has obtained the CNAS certificate, with a large number of representatives of the industry advanced level analysis instruments, such as the WT-2000 PVN lifetime tester, PL&EL machine, WCT120, quantum efficiency tester, ECV diffusion curve test instrument, laser confocal microscopy, spectrophotometer, a type of high and low temperature test box, accelerated life test box, hail impact test machine, permeability tester, according to IEC61215, IEC61730 and UL1703 and other international standards for photovoltaic products and raw materials for electrical, optical, mechanical, physical and chemical properties and environmental weathering test and research.

       Dongguan CSG Photovoltaic Technology Co. Ltd. has been committed to providing high-quality solar products and clean energy solutions for customers, maximize green value, contribute to the sustainable development of society.