Development History

        February 2006 - Dongguan CSG Photovoltaic Technology Co. Ltd. was established.
        December 2008 - the research and industrialization of key technologies for solar cells and photovoltaic applications, led by Dongguan photovoltaic, has been recognized as a major science and technology project in Guangdong Province, and has received government funding.
        July 2009 - Dongguan photovoltaic technological breakthroughs, the company's average cell conversion efficiency to 17.3%17.5%, to reach the domestic advanced level.
        2009 - Dongguan photovoltaic battery components have been sold in Europe, North America and other markets essential TUV, CETL, CEC and a series of international certification.
        In October 2010, the photovoltaic industry PHOTON magazine announced in August the component generating capacity test results, Dongguan PV two consecutive months of single crystal components became the first polycrystalline Ronglie fifth.
        January 2011 - Dongguan photovoltaic solar energy crystalline silicon battery and component capacity expansion project (300 MW battery) is listed as the key construction project of Dongguan in 2011.
        July 2011 - Dongguan photovoltaic by the Guangdong Provincial Federation of enterprises and the Guangdong Provincial Association of entrepreneurs jointly awarded the "2010 Guangdong integrity demonstration enterprise" honorary title. "CSG photovoltaic module, CSG photovoltaic cell" was named "honor the 2010 annual Guangdong Province outstanding brand" title.
        September 2011 - Dongguan PV has been identified as a provincial-level enterprise technology center in Guangdong province.
        June 2012 - Dongguan PV has been named as "Guangdong Shou contract re credit enterprise".
        January 2013 - Dongguan PV won the "2012 China PV industry's most influential product brand award"".
        March 2013 - Dongguan photovoltaic CSG, AAA, S2BL series components won the "Dongguan City," "the ten most marketable products" title.
        April 2013 - Dongguan photovoltaic won the 2012 annual "Polaris Cup" top ten solar cells / components enterprise "title.".
        April 2013 - Dongguan photovoltaic high power, low-cost 60 piece 6 inch monocrystalline photovoltaic modules, high power, low-cost 60 pieces of 6 inch polycrystalline photovoltaic modules, such as 17 products, was identified as high-tech products in Guangdong province.
        July 2013 - Dongguan photovoltaic single and polycrystalline 156 series components successfully passed the TUV North German level 5 salt mist test.
        August 2013 - Dongguan PV full range of components successfully won the Rhine TUV Class C fire test certificate.
        October 2013 - Dongguan PV, approved by the second batch of national high-tech enterprises in Guangdong in 2013, was awarded the title of "national hi tech enterprises".
        October 2013 - Dongguan PV single crystal assembly successfully passed the most stringent PID test in Rhine TUV.
        December 2013 - Dongguan PV won the 2013 photovoltaic industry, the annual photovoltaic product innovation award".
        December 2013 - Dongguan photovoltaic selected the first batch of countries in line with the "photovoltaic manufacturing industry standard conditions" enterprise list.
        February 2014 - Dongguan photovoltaic technology technology department (Design) of the "anti pollution components" and "containing the anti fouling components of solar power generation device" utility model patent officially authorized by the State Intellectual Property office.
        February 2014 - according to Photon laboratory 2013 PV component test results, Dongguan PV in 2010 and 2013 in the photon laboratory component installation test results ranked ahead.
        March 2014 - Dongguan photovoltaic won the 2013 annual "Polaris Cup" top ten solar cells / components enterprise "title.".
        April 2014 - Dongguan photovoltaic won the Dongguan Electronic Information Industry Association, 2013, "progress in science and technology contribution award."".
        July 2014 - Dongguan photovoltaic application "solar cell and interconnection, and solar cell module", "solar cell module transmission platform" two utility model patents officially authorized by the State Intellectual Property office.
        July 2014 - Dongguan PV successfully passed the Japanese JET factory inspection, and successfully obtained JET certification.
September 2014 - Dongguan PV successfully passed the ETL (US electrical test laboratory certification) third quarter product certification factory inspection, ETL product certification continued to be valid.
September 2014 - Dongguan PV successfully passed the CGC (Beijing authentication certification center) product certification annual factory inspection, CGC product certification certificate continues to be valid.
November 2014 - Dongguan photovoltaic technology department invented the design of a double glass component packaging structure, the utility model patent officially authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, authorized number is: CN 203951428 U.
November 2014 - Dongguan photovoltaic won the 2014 annual "Polaris Cup" top ten solar cells / components enterprise "title.".
January 2015 - Dongguan PV was named "2014 low carbon pioneer enterprise" by Guangdong low carbon industry technology association".
January 2015 - Dongguan photovoltaic applications "a crystalline silicon battery printing machine walking arm plastic teeth" utility model patent officially authorized by the State Intellectual Property office. The authorization open number is: CN 204037027U.
February 2015 - Dongguan photovoltaic applications "," new "solar cell glass layer and the glass with a layer of crystalline silicon solar PV module", "Shi Yingzhou" three utility model patents by the State Intellectual Property Office official authorization. The authorization public numbers are: 204155942U, 204155943U, 2014204892179.
April 2015 - Dongguan photovoltaic patent application "wooden pallets wooden pier safety testing device and method", "solar reflectance test method" and "utility model", "photovoltaic solar panel assembly tooling slot" formally authorized.
October 2015 - Dongguan PV formally adopted the extended authentication Beijing Kam Heng CGC, marking the 6 series of CSG photovoltaic polycrystalline photovoltaic modules by Kam Heng based certification center.
November 2015 - Dongguan photovoltaic won the invention of a patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office, the patent name is "crystalline silicon solar cells screen printing screen", the patent number is: ZL 201310250557.6. 
December 2015 -- "Dongguan photovoltaic production automation equipment upgrade project smoothly through the city economic and Information Bureau of the expert group acceptance, and has been identified as a key project demonstration application in 2014 Dongguan City Machine substitutions, and access to special funds 1 million 918 thousand and 310 yuan subsidy.  
        April 2016 - Dongguan photovoltaic successfully obtained an invention patent license, the patent name is "crystalline silicon battery front electrode screen", patent number is: ZL 201310247655.4, authorized open number is: CN 103317835B.
May 2016 - Dongguan photovoltaic received 2014 yuan of financial research and development grants in the city of 53 thousand yuan, the grant of grant funds, is the government's affirmation of Dongguan PV research and development work.
        June 2016 - Dongguan PV successfully obtained a patent license, the name "solar cell electrode printing screen, solar cell electrode and its production method", patent No.: ZL 201410617913.8, public number: CN104332509A.
        September 2016 - Dongguan won the 2015 annual PV Machong's innovation driven reward fund 1 million 251 thousand and 700 yuan.
November 2016 - Dongguan PV successfully passed the first batch of national high-tech enterprises in Guangdong in 2016, and was awarded the title of "high-tech enterprise", which is valid for three years.
January 2017 - Dongguan PV allocated by the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Commerce awarded the "2017 external trade development and port construction funds of subsidized imports" project funds 459 thousand and 100 yuan.
        February 2017 - Dongguan photovoltaic production of single poly gate, the five gate four cell officially passed the European REACH-SVHC certification, marking the Dongguan crystal silicon solar photovoltaic products do not contain chemical substances on the high risk of environmental safety and human health hazards.
February 2017 - Dongguan photovoltaic successfully selected enterprises in Dongguan key scale and efficiency doubling plan pilot enterprises.
March 2017 - Dongguan photovoltaic by the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Commerce allocated the "2016 small and medium-sized foreign trade market development project" special fund 78140 yuan.
March 2017 - Dongguan photovoltaic applications for two patents approved, namely: "the polysilicon film texturing and cleaning method", patent No.: ZL 201510431731.6; "selective emitter solar cell and its diffusion method", patent No.: ZL 201510508878.
April 2017 - Dongguan won the 2016 annual Guangdong province photovoltaic enterprise research and development of special financial subsidies 968 thousand and 200 yuan.April 2017 - Dongguan photovoltaic articles hollow, high aluminum / aluminum Shuangbo component, PERC, component, component, black silicon solar tile assembly and BIPV photovoltaic curtain wall and other new products and new technology unveiled 2017 Shanghai international solar industry and photovoltaic exhibition.
May 2017 - Dongguan photovoltaic three invention patents, successfully obtained by the State Intellectual Property Office issued a patent certificate. The name of the patent are "PV", patent No.: ZL 201410720038.6; "the solar photovoltaic component and its preparation method", patent No.: ZL 201510523866.5; "solar photovoltaic component preparation method", patent No.: ZL 201510524596.X.