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"PV" is really a scam?
Date:2017.08.25  source:Dongguan CSG Photovoltaic Technology Co.,Ltd.  
First, the price is lower than the market price
A variety of low price spell, so that because of the price problem, chose the irregular manufacturers, bought irregular photovoltaic components. The market price of chaos, puerile, so some manufacturers in order to sell power station, price war, in the photoelectric plate mixed with broken glass, all kinds of inverter is also used their own pirated manufacturers, is a power station really power? Really respond to the call for environmental protection? Really make money for residents?
Two, the choice of inverter
I believe that many people do not understand the inverter, often some manufacturers is to deceive the user does not understand, can buy high-quality inverter with low price, in fact, the price is very transparent photovoltaic industry, not a cheap so many other peers, but some manufacturers in order to make money, to deceive the people, they say the inverter is the best the most, power generation, people can return home after a period of time only to find their own power as the neighbor.
Three, shelter
Is it true that the news is that users use solar panels to dry crops? This move will greatly affect the power generation, solar photovoltaic system why? If the long-term covered dust, bird droppings, leaves and other obstructions, the formation of a shadow of solar battery, some components of current and voltage will change. The local current and voltage of the solar module are increased, and local heating is produced, resulting in a "hot spot effect"". For a long time, the PV modules will be scrapped, and experts say the hot spot effect will reduce the life of solar modules by at least 10%