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Date:2017.08.25  source:Dongguan CSG Photovoltaic Technology Co.,Ltd.  
Installation of solar photovoltaic power generation proceeds as follows:
Subsidy money: state subsidies 0.42 yuan / kWh, subsidies for 20 years, some provinces and local subsidies, such as Guangzhou, Dongguan, Guangdong side, and Foshan have local subsidies, whether their own use or sell, as long as the electricity subsidies.
Save electricity: generate electricity yourself, don't pay the electricity bill. That makes you make money.
Selling electricity to make money: use of electricity sold to the country, the price of electricity sold in accordance with the local coal-fired desulfurization unit benchmark price of 0.42 yuan / kWh (slightly different from place to place).
There are three options for solar photovoltaic power generation access to the grid:
All self occupied (electricity generated by all their own use)
For personal use, the Internet (priority of their own use, the surplus sold to the state)
All access to the Internet (all sold to the state)
Domestic solar power generation generally choose second kinds, that is, spontaneous use, more than the power on the internet. Batteries are not needed when needed, and electricity can be directly used in the evening when electricity can not be generated.
According to the above three different access to the grid model, the revenue calculation method is as follows:
Total voluntary income:
(local electricity price + subsidy) X total power generation
Spontaneous use, excess power, access to the Internet, total revenue:
Spontaneous use of electricity, X local electricity price + Internet power, X sell electricity + subsidies, X all power generation
Total net revenue
(subsidy + selling price) X total power generation
Here's an example of a 10 kilowatt solar power station in Dongguan. The investment income is estimated as follows: (just here, for example, does not represent accurate data)
Installed capacity: 10 kW (KW)
Area: About 80-100 square meters
Amount of investment: around 100 thousand
Generating capacity: about 37 degrees daily, power generation 13500 degrees a year.
Grid connected mode: spontaneous use, redundant access to the Internet
Assume half of annual electricity, half of the Internet for personal use.
National subsidy income: 0.42 yuan / degree, X13500 degrees =5670 yuan
Dongguan subsidies income: 0.3 yuan / degree X13500 degrees =4050 yuan
Save electricity: 6750 degrees X0.68 yuan / degree =4590 yuan
Selling income: 6750 degrees X0.42 yuan / degree =2835 yuan
Total annual income: 5670 yuan +4050 yuan, +4590 yuan, +2835 yuan, =17145 yuan
Back: 50 thousand yuan, 9 thousand and 493 yuan / year =5.83 years, 6 years is expected to cost recovery. (light intensity, local subsidy policy is different, actual recovery cost time is different)
Accounts: solar photovoltaic power station life is generally about 25 years, the back can be free to use electricity to make money.