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2017 photovoltaic online exhibition: help photovoltaic toward efficient Era
Date:2017.08.25  source:Dongguan CSG Photovoltaic Technology Co.,Ltd.  
       After 2016 of the most brilliant, the photovoltaic market in 2017 is still hot. Time came in June, "630" node is coming, the industry is eager to grab the tide has been slightly exposed. Overall, the 2017 rush wasn't as good as the 2016 rush. But after the outbreak of 2016, the Chinese PV industry needs to care about is no longer installed capacity, but technical upgrading.
       Referring to 2016, excessive oversupply could lead to a fall in prices in the second half of the year, with components, polysilicon, wafers, battery prices, or new lows. In addition, in 2016, China's photovoltaic enterprises in the leader project bidding process set off price fighting still fresh. And what make enterprise "pressure hill" more is, already began in 2016 some provinces adopt auction mode to allocate an index. The implementation of the bidding model will undoubtedly intensify competition in the industry, "low flame" or will become the norm. In fact, the focus of the national advocacy leader program is to promote technological innovation, through technological advances to promote the decline in costs, thereby speeding up the process of cheap Internet access. Combined with the gradual reduction of photovoltaic subsidies and the emphasis of various policies on PV technology innovation, it is easy to find that the country is leading the photovoltaic power generation industry toward the direction of efficient and advanced technology development.
According to the National Energy Board issued the "solar development plan" "13th Five-Year". By 2020, China will realize the industrialization of advanced crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, the conversion efficiency of more than 23%. In this process, the high efficiency battery technology market will usher in the development, our country PV industry will realize "the quality" the transformation, moves toward the high efficiency time.
       The cooling and cut subsidies, auction pressures in the second half of the market, photovoltaic enterprises usher in death exams in 2017. On this occasion, only the enterprise technology research and development in an important strategic position, and actively introduce technical personnel, strengthen research cooperation, continue to explore the development of technology, in order to accurately grasp the new technology bring the market efficiency and market influence.